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We pride ourselves on having a very select, well planned top flight Golden Retriever breeding program. We have been breeding and showing top quality golden retrievers for several years. All of the dogs in our program com from excellent pedigrees with champion lines. We only breed dogs with sweet temperaments and good looks that conform to the golden retriever standards that have passed their tests for a healthy heart, hips and eyes. We began breeding golden retrievers as a hobby. We found joy in every step of the process. We began doing research, studying the breed and wanted to do something big with it.

We looked at the common problems and sought to prevent them. We watched as the families choose their pups. We listened to their questions and concerns. We tried to be there for every problem. We then blossomed into a Golden Retriever Kennel. We had chosen golden retrievers because they were known for being intelligent and versatile. They made great pets because of their friendly and eager to please demeanor and because of the Golden Retriever’s loyal and gentle temperament. We knew that for our family this was a great breed. We are very thrilled to be able to share the greatness that these dogs process with our clients. And as we grew and the popularity of the lighter English Cream variety increased we went with it. We have several English Cream, or British White, Golden Retrievers with roots from Europe to help strengthen our breeding program. We found that the English creams have a very soft temperament as compared to the gold golden retrievers and by combining we have soft and sweet dogs of all the colors; English Cream to the dark gold.

golden retriever puppy

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Here are just a few sources we use for breeding that we believe are of value to our adoptive family customers as well.

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